Gamma Pickleball Lite Grip - 1 pack - Black

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  • The GAMMA Pickleball PB Pro Lite Grip provides a secure grip while keeping your paddle light for those touch shots.


The GAMMA Lite Pickleball Grip is sure to be a hit among Pickleball players. This lightweight grip is specifically cut for the exact length needed for a Pickleball paddle handlke, so cutting off extra grip is no longer necessary. 

  • This grip is ready for application from the moment it arrives.
  • The Gamma Lite Pickleball Grip is a great way to add a little bit of thickness to the handle of your paddle without increasing the circumference too much.
  • This black, comparatively thin grip is designed to increase control and traction.
  • Little perforations scattered throughout the entirety of the grip soak up any sweat that may possibly interfere with your pickleball playing
  • GAMMA Pickleball grips are on 9 out of 10 paddles in the industry!



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