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Dura Fast 40 Outdoor Pickleball Balls - 6 pack - Neon

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Dura Pickleballs, also known as the Dura Fast 40, are a seamless plastic ball specially designed for Pickleball.

  • There are two sizes of holes drilled into this ball. The two sizes of holes and the hole configuration, help make the ball more aerodynamic.
  • The Dura Pickleball is a heavy ball, weighing 0.92 ounces. This weight helps keep the ball flying straight even in windy conditions.
  • For many years, this ball has been the official ball for the USA Pickleball Association's National Pickleball Tournament.
  • Acceptable for indoor or outdoor play - but typically used for outdoor play.
  • Made of a harder plastic to increase the life span of the ball in rough outdoor conditions.