Most Popular - Top 3 INDOOR Balls - Variety Pickleball Sampler - 3 Pack

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  • Most Popular - Top 3 INDOOR Balls - Variety Pickleball Sampler -  3 Pack


The Pickleball Power Indoor Pickleball Sampler gives you a selection of our most popular indoor balls renowned for their durability & lively play. It’s a great way to get a sense of which balls you like the most and ensure you’re prepared to play on any type of court.

  • These pickleballs have different levels of softness and speed, though they all have excellent construction and reliable bounce.
  • With this sampler, you won’t have to choose between all the varieties and can instead select whichever will work best on a game-by-game basis.
  • The Onix Fuse Indoor Pickleballs come in highly visible orange so that they can always be seen regardless of court type. The holes are larger than their outdoor counterparts and create a reasonable pace of play. They retain a soft touch and smooth, true flight thanks to their precision-drilled holes.
  • The JUGS lime green balls are a favorite among countless pickleball groups. This type of ball is made of soft plastic. This soft plastic ball performs well on smooth hardwood, tile or cement court surfaces. This ball's softness and slightly-textured surface helps increase the ball’s bite and bounce off the ground.
  • The Franklin X-26 performance Indoor pickleball is a supremely durable ball that uses high quality EVA material for an exceptional bounce and responsive feel. The 26 holes are beveled so that the ball flies true in the air and maintains balance. The bright blue makes it highly visible regardless of lighting and court conditions whether you're playing on a gym floor, standard finishing or concrete.



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